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Your Trusted Regulatory Pharmaceutical Company

Pioneering Regulatory Excellence

Prioritizing Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Embark on a journey with MC Pharma, a regulatory pharmaceutical company dedicated to steering your health products through the complex regulatory landscape in Africa.

MC Pharma 25 Year Anniversary Crest

Our Mission

MC Pharma serves as a reliable connection between pharmaceutical innovation and the global market, providing proactive assistance in a constantly evolving international landscape.


We prioritize healthcare excellence, respect, and diversity, fostering collaboration and innovation for timely medication access and healthcare advancement.

Simplifying Regulatory Complexities

we keep things simple etched on brown scrabble blocks
Pharmaceutical consultant discussing the strategy and report with a client

Our Vision

Our commitment is to safeguard and enhance patient health by consistently delivering pharmaceutical products and services of the highest quality, ensuring safety and efficacy that meet global customer expectations.


We achieve this through the implementation of current good manufacturing practices, cutting-edge technology, a skilled workforce, and efficient management practices.

Fostering Growth

MC Pharma has over 25 years of regulatory experience.


From being part of the genesis of a number of industry associations, to being at the forefront of regulatory legislative changes, MC Pharma has been intimately involved in every aspect.


MC Pharma staff boasts experience in Retail Pharmacy, Hospital and the Research spheres of the pharmaceutical industry. A strong background in Academia is also reflected in MC Pharma’s diligent regulatory processes.


We pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of international regulatory changes to assist our customers pro-actively adapt to the ever changing requirements and regulations.


Paired with extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, from SAHPRA (South African Health Products Authority) submissions to business growth and management, MC Pharma can adapt to the dynamic needs of the client.


We endeavor to find innovative solutions to any aspect of the pharmaceutical regulatory process, and to assist our clients reach their goals in a dynamic international market.

Company Profile

Upholding Regulatory Standards

Immerse in MC Pharma’s profile, reflecting a robust foundation in regulatory affairs, market analysis, and strategic partnerships, all tailored to ensure your successful market entry.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services.


We uphold unwavering integrity in all our actions.


We firmly believe in transparent and open communication.


We are staunch advocates for the empowerment of our people, fostering
entrepreneurship, innovation, and accountability.


We actively practice non-discrimination and provide equal opportunities for all.


We hold profound respect for individuals, society, and the environment.


Our Values

What We Stand For

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Tracy Burger


Chairman of the Board

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Junita Castle


Finance and Logistics

gentleman in full grey sweatsuit

Jaco Van Der Wath


Sales and Marketing

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Declan Burger



Meet The Executive Team

Committed to Excellence

Our values of integrity, innovation, and partnership remain the compass that guides our actions, fostering a culture of trust, adaptability, and collaborative growth.

Connect With Us

Your Product Success, Our Priority

Get in touch with our team of seasoned professionals to discuss how MC Pharma can accelerate your regulatory compliance and market entry journey in Africa.

Pharmaceutical consultant forming agreement with client

Our Employees

Our employees constitute our most valuable asset. We hold in high regard the unique creativity of each individual employee and cultivate an environment that aligns with our core values.

The Team

MC Pharma team high-fiving together
African pharmaceutical regulatory consultant

Our Customers

Our commitment is to surpass the requirements and expectations of our customers in terms of value, quality, and service through our products and services.


We aim to instill confidence in our customers by consistently being a fair and reliable partner.

Surpass Expectations

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