Manufacturer: GUNA S.p.a., Via Palmanova 71, 20132 Milano, Italy
Composition: Collagen of porcine origin.
Excipients: Ascorbic acid, Magnesium gluconate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamine hydrochloride, NaCl, Water for injection.

For this medical device the following packages are available:


  • Box: 10 vials (single vial 2 ml – extraction volume)



MD-MUSCLE is a medical device designed to help movement by limiting a physiological degeneration

of joints and tissues as well as by counterbalancing any damage caused by:

• aging

• bad posture

• concomitant chronic diseases

• blows and injuries

• pollutants.

MD-MUSCLE is a medical device designed to help muscle and joint movement. Its main

therapeutic functions include:

1. A barrier effect.

2. A lubricating action.

3. Mechanical support while administering other pharmacological treatments.

MD-MUSCLE is a medical device intended to be used by a qualified staff in private or public health

Facilities to:

» Help muscle stretching and function.

» Help to support the muscle tissue in bad posture disorders.

» Improve joint movement.

» Soothe local pain, or pain caused by movement and bad posture.