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MC Pharma (Pty) Ltd., is a specialist pharmaceutical company licensed in terms of Section 22C of the Medicines and Related Substances Act 101 of 1965, and offers the services of an Applicant and Holder of the Registration Certificate (Marketing Authorisation holder), on behalf of a Principal or product owner.


MC Pharma has over 30 years of regulatory experience, and the Responsible Pharmacist has a wealth of experience in industry. From being part of the genesis of a number of industry associations, to being at the forefront of regulatory legislative changes, MC Pharma has been intimately involved in every aspect. MC Pharma staff boasts experience in Retail, Hospital and the Research spheres of the pharmaceutical industry. A strong background in Academia is also reflected in MC Pharma’s diligent regulatory processes. We pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of international regulatory changes to help our customers pro-actively adapt to the ever changing requirements and regulations.


Paired with extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, from SAHPRA (South African Health Products Authority) submissions to business growth and management, MC Pharma can fulfil any requirement the client may have. We endeavour to find innovative solutions to any aspect of the pharmaceutical regulatory process, and to assist our clients reach their goals in a dynamic international market.


MC Pharma distributes through outsourced Distributors and Wholesalers. We have long-standing and trusted,

pre-approved, relationships with four of the large Distributors and 26 Wholesalers in South Africa.


MC Pharma is proud to service and to represent global customers and Principals from such countries as Australia, the USA, Brazil, India, France, Germany, China, Israel and the UK.

MC Pharma is also the appointed distributor for Guna Medical devices. (E.g. Injectable Collagen)

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